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Different marketing methods can help you to gain new customers, increase customer satisfaction and keep the demand steady through the year.

Last spring, in our blog post How to start a firewood business, we wanted to help you to better understand how to increase the profit potential of your firewood business. Next we introduced different customer groups for firewood industry. Now, in this blog post, we want to share our ideas about how to promote your firewood business to gain new customers and keep the demand steady through the year. The case is, if you decide to act as your own retail outlet, you’ll need to do at least some sort of advertising or marketing. 


Events as a tool for marketing

Real-life experiences are usually more engaging than any other marketing method. An event is an opportunity to give away promotional materials, demonstrate the quality of your products and generate leads. Most events are organized around anniversaries and other business landmarks. But you can also come up with event themes based on your own business needs. Why not organize for example The Firewood Autumn Festival to boost your sales well before winter?

An event you definitely don’t want to miss out is the grand opening of your business. It is a great way to introduce yourself to the local community. Well organized grand opening – or any other event - will help you gauge people’s interest, create awareness around your business and build relationship with the community.

You should always give people something back for investing their time in your event: an interesting information about efficient use of firewood, good time with family and friends or something to take home with them. Free coffee, cookies and balloons for children usually work just fine. But if you can come up with something more individual and business related, people will remember you even better.

Remember to gather the name, address, phone number and email of everyone showing up. You can handle this for example by giving away free prizes requiring the attendees to fill out simple prize drawing forms. This way you’ll be able to send marketing updates after your event. Consider for example emailing them post-event with a discount and links to follow your website or social media.


Traditional marketing methods work well in the firewood industry

The world is going digital but many traditional marketing methods still work very well in the firewood industry. For example, permanent classified ad in the local paper or a small yellow page display will often give you very satisfactory results.

If your business is next to a busy road it might be a good idea to use something as simple as a "Firewood for sale” -road sign to let people know about your business and its location. Leaving simple leaflets or business cards with your wood-stove suppliers and other business partners is a good way to share information about your business to new customers.


Marketing your firewood business online

Although the traditional methods often work well, it is not a bad idea to use digital channels for your marketing as well. Creating a website for your business is a good start. It gives you a channel to tell about your business and introduce the quality of your products as well as engage your customers with different campaigns. Building a simple website is not as complicated as it might sound and you can find many cheap - or even free - website builders from the internet. 

In case your customers use social media channels, make sure that you are also there. Creating a social media account for your business is not only easy but also free. For example, in Facebook you can easily share photos, campaigns and news to your customers and local Facebook groups are a good channel to reach new customers and share information about your business to the local community. And do not forget to share the information about your Facebook account with your customers and ask them to follow you! 


Do not forget YOUR existing customers

Keep in mind that repeat and referral business will snowball over the years. You should never underestimate the power of word of mouth and after the first few years, you can most likely grow your business with less effort and money.

But first you will have to make sure your existing customers are happy – and that they stay happy. The happy customer is a loyal customer and therefore more likely not only to generate repeat business but also share their positive experiences with others.

You should also gather the phone numbers and emails from you customers. This way you can let them know about your campaigns, events and other news related to your business. You can for example offer some discount if customers make the order well before the season. 


PRO TIP! Remember also to share your leaflets and business cards with these happy customers of yours, so it will be as easy as possible for them to share your contact details forward.


November's Hakki Pilke User of the Month is M.R. LOGS from County Durham, England. M.R.LOGS was established in 2009 by Mark and Rachel. 

According to Mark their business soon outgrew chainsaws and a log splitter. To keep up with the demand they bought their first firewood processor in 2012. “We bought a second hand Hakki Pilke 2X which was great for us at the time. But in 2015, we found a second hand Hakki Pilke 1x42 with log deck and dust extractor, and decided that that was the machine for us,” says Mark. 

They have been really happy with the upgrade. “The 1x42 is an excellent machine to work with and maintain. It easily processes knotty hardwoods and broken down oversize timber.”

The set-up of M.R Logs is ran by a Cummins 6 cylinder power pack which saves them the need for a second tractor. Hakki Pilke Powerpack can be optimal choice when you need the tractor for other tasks, such as moving logs, and don’t want to invest to a second tractor.

Congratulations Mark for winning the Hakki Pilke product package. We wish you the best of luck your firewood business!

Find more at https://www.facebook.com/mrlogscountydurham/

Send your story with a picture of your own Hakki Pilke firewood processor to our Facebook inbox and you can be the winner of Hakki Pilke User of the Month.

16.11.2019 to 17.11.2019

Welcome to the BDL Machines Demo Dagen in Grou, Netherlands! Be sure to come and enjoy the amazing firewood processor demonstrations 16-17 November 2019 from 10:00-17:00.

During the demo days we will demonstrate the new 50 Pro 2020 model with log landing plates and half-stroke splitting system. Our other Hakki Pilke models will be demonstrated as well - 43 Pro, 38 Pro, Falcon, Raven and OH 27. Read more about the evet here.

BDL Machines BV | Singel 14,  9001 XP, Grou | Tel.: +31 (0) 518 452177 | http://www.bdlm.nl/ | info@bdlm.nl

* * *

Wij willen u van harte uitnodigen voor onze Demo Dagen

Tijdens de demo dagen zullen wij ons leveringsprogramma tonen en demonstreren.
Presentatie van nieuwe machines.
- Hakki pilke PRO 50 met opvang platen en verstelbaar kloofsysteem (korte of lange kloofslag)
- AMR Quatromat trommelzaag
Graag tot ziens op 16 of 17 november!

30.11.2019 to 01.12.2019

Welcome to the German Hakki Pilke importer EiFo Forsttechnik Forest Day -event at Woringen! Read more about the evet here.

EiFo Forsttechnik GmbH | Darast 2a, 87730 Bad Grönenbac | Tel.: 0 8334 989890 | http://www.eifo.de


* * *

Herzliche Einladung zu den EiFo Forsttagen 2019.

- Über 150 verschiedene Ausstellungsgeräte
- Ganztägige Vorführungen von über 30 verschiedenen Maschinen
- Vorstellung von Top Neuheiten
- 4 Beheizte Hallen und großes Außengelände
- Reichhaltige Bewirtung - Speisen & Getränke, Kaffee & Kuchen
- Kleiner Adventsmarkt
- Prosecco und Cappuccino Bar

Täglich von 9-17 Uhr
weitere Infos: www.eifo.de


Пятый чемпионат «Лесоруб XXI века», не так давно завершившийся в Устьянском районе Архангельской области (подробнее о событии в «ЛПИ» №5, 2019 г. – Прим. ред.), запомнился не только соревнованиями профессиональных команд, но и экспозицией ведущих производителей оборудования для заготовки и перевозки древесного сырья.

С участниками этой выставки нашим корреспондентам удалось провести серию блиц-интервью, которые мы предлагаем вниманию читателей.

Иван Тарасов, старший менеджер ООО ПК «Ижора»: «Представитель финской компании Hakki Pilke/Maaselän Kone Oy – компания "Ижора" впервые участвовала в "Лесорубе". Все дни выставки демонстрировалось в работе оборудование для производства дров.

Представленная модель 38 Pro позволяет перерабатывать древесину диаметром до 38 см при усилии раскола 10 т. Дровокол был оснащен столом подачи, который предназначен для бревен длиной до 6 м. Распил производился при помощи цепной пилы, оснащенной запатентованной системой натяжения цепи АС10, которая значительно увеличивает срок службы каждой цепи и пильной шины, а также облегчает пиление. Замена такой цепи занимает не более 30 секунд. Управлять оборудованием с помощью джойстика очень просто, оператору не нужно никаких специальных навыков. Регулировка высоты колуна тоже осуществляется с помощью джойстика. А специальная конструкция конвейера на выходе позволяет отделить мелкую фракцию от дров. Дровокол вызвал немалый интерес у посетителей выставки, которые с радостью испытали его».

Читать далее: https://lesprominform.ru/jarticles.html?id=5419





Have you ever wondered what to do with an unused tractor? Buying a PTO powered firewood processor may not be for everyone. But if you already own a tractor, it could be the best solution for you.

In case you own a tractor that is unused or used only part-time, we recommend considering a portable firewood processor (PTO model) with a 3-point hitch connection instead of a petrol engine model.

For tractor owners the three main reasons to choose a PTO powered firewood processor are: 

  1. The PTO powered firewood processor is highly portable with three-point hitch.
  2. Compared to the electric and engine models the PTO firewood processors are less expensive to purchase.
  3. The compact PTO firewood processor is great for seasonal use, as it is easy to store and has the same level of performance in all weather conditions.


Highly portable with 3-point hitch

In case you have mobile operations, you will of course be looking for a firewood processor designed for easy transportation. The right machine is easy to lift and set up at the new location, whether you have a loader, a tractor, a bobcat or a small truck mounted crane.

Most of the PTO firewood processors are highly portable with the tree-point hitch. It is also a widely used type of hitch in tractors. When choosing a PTO processor, it is not only easy to power it with your tractor, but also to move it around the yard or for example in terms of contracting.  

With the log lift or log table in the tractor’s lifting device the firewood operation can be quickly moved. The log lifters are easily transported with the machine. You can also grab the log deck to the tractor front hitch when going for a mobile operations. It is also possible to build a mobile trailer combination with the machine and the log table to be transported with the tractor.


Less expensive option

Compared to the electric and engine models the PTO firewood processors are less expensive to purchase. Of course, the purchase price is only one part of the life cycle cost of the product. The resale value and operating efficiency are typically lower with the PTO firewood processor. The total life cycle cost can still be lower compared to the other options. There are few things you should consider when counting the life cycle cost for the PTO firewood processor.

First, the tractor uses about 2-3 liters of diesel per hour when running a firewood processor. But you should also consider if the tractor can be used for other purposes when you are not using the firewood processor. If you use the tractor only for the firewood processor operation, extra service and maintenance costs should also be examined.

Still, in case you have a tractor laying around, the PTO model processor is likely to be the best investment for you. You can utilize your old tractor with only 20-35hp requirement. Before purchase, remember to make sure that your tractor has sufficient horsepower that the PTO processor requires.

Small used tractors are often found cheaper than big diesel engine units. If needed, there are also other cost-efficient power source options available. Hakki Pilke offers for example compact, yet efficient PowerPack for PTO- or combi driven Hakki Pilke firewood processors. The PowerPack is a perfect solution when you need your tractor for the other tasks, such as moving the logs, instead of running the firewood processor. Compared to a tractor, the PowerPack is almost maintenance-free.


Great for seasonal use in all conditions

Compact PTO firewood processors are great for seasonal use as they only take a small space from shed and are therefor easy to store. Modern quality processors are also safe to operate and have the same level of performance in all weather conditions. There is no engine starting problems due to the cold weather as your tractor with preheater starts easily in -4 ℉ (-20 °C) and it warms up the firewood processor in a matter of minutes.

If you have other use for your tractor while not using it for the firewood processor, there will be no need for a yearly maintenance even when you process firewood only seasonally. 


Hakki Pilke is launching the new improved 50 Pro revision B with new innovative features that take this firewood processor’s superior performance to a next level.

Once again Hakki Pilke has been gathering a lot of information about customer wishes and the requirements of different markets. Based on feedback from the global network of knowledgeable and active users, the 50 Pro model has now new features to make the firewood processing even more efficient. The outcome is the most efficient and innovative one-man firewood factory.

“We strive continuously to develop our products together with our customers and distributors to meet their requirements and exceed expectations with innovative expertise and product development. We listen to our customers more closely. The development of our processors is always based on the needs of our customers and the development of their business,” says Development Manager Timo Jussila from Hakki Pilke.

The expertise, product development and innovativeness of the world’s leading firewood processor producer is crystallized in the Hakki Pilke Pro series.


Innovative industry leading features

Hakki Pilke 50 PRO is currently the largest model in the Hakki Pilke product range. With predecessors such as Easy 50 and BigX47, both among the most popular firewood processors in its category worldwide, it has a strong tradition going forward. Thanks to the feedback of proud users and distributors, new innovative features have been added to the 50 Pro to meet the most demanding expectations.

The HakkiSplit™ system has a new half stroke function for making the splitting process of short firewood faster. With this activated, the splitting returns already after half of the stroke, thus halving the cycle time. The half-stroke splitting can be easily controlled with a switch in the front panel.

The much appreciated log landing plates has been added to 50 Pro to ensure uninterrupted material flow. The log landing plates make sure that even the shortest cut logs land neatly into the splitting groove. The guide plates can be used either in automatic or manual mode or they can be disabled altogether.

The great splitting power and highly advanced splitting blades ensure that harder wood types are also split without waiting. The new electric chain oil pump has also a key role in this. The electric pump helps cutting large logs as it pumps oil to the chain all the time while sawing. The oil amount is easily adjustable from the valve of chain oil pump.

In addition to the new functions, The 50 Pro has many industry leading features like the patented AC 10 automatic chain tensioner and HakkiCut™ cutting control. The AC 10 maintains the chain at optimal tension, improving the cutting efficiency and increasing the life span of the chain and bar. It enables fast chain replacement without tools. The machine’s functions can be easily controlled with the ergonomic and easy-to-use control panel. Powerful HakkiCut™ cutting control enables you to process firewood with just two buttons.


Read more about the 50 Pro: Development starts in the field – the Hakki Pilke 50 Pro firewood processor is the tour de force of the entire winning team



Maaselän Kone Ltd produces the world leading firewood processors with more than 35 years of expertise. We deliver thousands of processors to our customers on six continents in over 35 countries every year. The international operation and local service network of Hakki Pilke offer the world’s best support and after sales service to processor owners. Hakki Pilke firewood processors are renowned by professional users around the world for the highest productivity and reliability. For more information, visit www.hakkipilke.com

04.10.2019 to 06.10.2019

Join us at the Official Paul Bunyan Show on October 4-6, 2019.  Our olcal Ohio dealer Brownwood Sales will be performing live demonstrations and presenting the powerful Hakki Pilke models. More info about the event.

Paul Bunyan Show, Oct 4-6
Guernsey County Fairgrounds
335 Old National Road
Lore City (Cambridge), OH 43755


September's Hakki Pilke User of the Month is Ed from Devon, United Kingdom. Ed is running a company called E C Shere Contracting which is providing mobile firewood processing covering the Devon and surrounding areas.

Ed brought his Hakki Pilke 1x37 when he set up his mobile firewood processing company and has been running it for one and a half years. He did a lot of research before buying a machine and chose Hakki Pilke because of its quality, reliability, output and strength. “Everything on my machine has been built to last and to do a job. There is nothing on there that is not needed or not used. It is very ergonomically designed with everything in the right place for when you need it,” says Ed.  

The suitability for mobile operations was one of the most important criteria when choosing the right firewood processor for his needs. The Hakki Pilke 1X37 fits on the back of a trailer easily and makes the travelling from customer to customer effortless. Ed lifts the machine on and off his trailer frequently so he needed a strong and durable machine that can cope with being moved frequently. Over all Ed has been very happy with the machine and says that in the future he would definitely buy another Hakki Pilke machine.

Congratulations Ed for winning an amazing Hakki Pilke product package! You can find out more about his firewood operations at https://bit.ly/2mgkycl


Taking good care of your chain and chain bar ensures that your processor will serve you for years to come. 

Regular maintenance of the chainsaw chain and chain bar is important for maintaining a high standard of firewood quality and maximizing the lifespan of your firewood processor. Using a dull saw chain can cause a variety of problems: the machine heats up, the chain bar heats and wears, the saw slows down and more time is needed to cut, and the chain sprocket wears faster. In heavy use the chain is recommended to be changed daily. 

Remember always to wear correct protective gear, gloves and eyewear when maintaining your firewood processor.

Hakki Pilke firewood processors' minimal need for service equals less downtime and more firewood processing. Check out our video for the detailed instructions on sharpening the chain with an electric sharpener and how to remove and install the cutting chain on 43 Pro firewood processor:  Hakki Pilke Firewood Processors - Chain Maintenance


Removing the Chain

Hakki Pilke Pro series firewood processors feature our highly efficient AC 10 automatic chain tensioner that keeps the chain in optimal tension at all times preventing breakage and loosening. Correct chain tension greatly increases the useful life of the chain and improves cutting speed. The hydraulic chain tensioner doesn’t require any manual tensioning and allows you to replace your chain in less than 40 seconds.

Make sure your processor is turned off and disconnected from its power source. Open the machine guard and turn the lever to the OFF position. This releases the pressure in the automatic chain tensioner. Loosen the chain by pulling it downwards from the middle of the beam and remove it.


Chain Maintenance

You can sharpen your chain with a round chainsaw file or with an electric chainsaw grinder. If you are sharpening your chains with a file there are many filing aids available to make the job easier such as file holders and filing templates. Sharpening your chain with an electric sharpener is an easy and fast way to achieve correctly sharpened chain edges.

Sharpen the chain according to your chain type and the manufacturer’s specifications on the recommended cutting angle.

When using the grinder apply a quick tapping motions to prevent the surface from overheating. Check that the vise blocking handle is screwed in tight and that the chain is blocked. Run the chain forward to position the next cutter to be sharpened.

Check and adjust the depth gauges if necessary. Check that the cutters are smoothly sharpened and the surface looks uniformly bright. Clean off any debris and lubricate the chain thoroughly with chain oil.


Servicing the Chain Bar

The condition of the chain bar should always be checked when chancing the chain and the bar turned and maintained when needed.

If the bar is bent or has cracked rails it should be replaced with a new one. Look down your chainsaw bar like you would the sights on a rifle to determine if your bar is straight or not.

The chainsaw bars wear in two places: on the top side of the bar rails and on the surfaces inside the rails. Check the bar rail for wear and grind the tops of the rails with a grinder. Remember to grind both sides and check that the top of the bar is even.


Replacing the Cutting Chain

Install the cutting chain and ensure that it is rotating in the correct direction. Install it first on the nose sprocket of the guide bar. Remember to turn lever to the ON position. Close the machine guard and turn on the machine.

Modern firewood processors have automatic chain tensioners, this will tighten the cutting chain to the right tension and raise the saw bar. The Hakki Pilke Pro series machines have the patented AC 10which doesn’t require any manual tensioning and you don't need tools to change the chain.

Pull the edge of the chain at the middle of the beam to check the tension. The tension is correct when the chain can be lifted slightly with moderate force. If the chain feels too loose or tight, check the chain tensioner pressure in the hydraulic chain tensioners and the chain tensioning screw in the mechanical systems.

Extra tip!  Always keep five chains on standby. If you lack the tools for sharpening your chains or have a large amount of chains, consider sharpening your chains by using the services of an external sharpening service. Sharpening chains in bulk can be more cost and time efficient this way.