Firewood processor

Hakki Pilke Hawk 25

When you need to make firewood where the timber is.

Hakki Pilke Hawk 25 is an agile firewood processor for homes and summer cottages.  Features such as the transport chassis enable you to tow the machine to where the wood is, even with a smaller car. With the Hakki Pilke Hawk 25 firewood processor, you can make max. 40 cm long firewood from max. 25 cm thick timber. Thanks to the hydraulic functions (no V-belts),

the machine requires very little maintenance.  Hakki Pilke Hawk 25 is a user-friendly and extremely efficient firewood processor for its price range. The model options include tractor, electrical (4.0 kW) and combustion engine (13 hp, petrol) drive. The electric and combustion engine models feature a transport chassis approved for road traffic.

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Technical specs
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Technical specifications

Max log diameter 250 mm
Max wood length 400 mm
Max splitting force 3.6 t
Blade length 13"
Saw chain .325 1,5 mm 56
Power source PTO, electric motor, combustion engine
Electric motor 4 kW
Combustion engine 13 hp
Splitting blade 2/4-way
Out-feed conveyor lenght 2 m
In-feed rack lenght 1.8 m
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Standard equipment

Automatic chain oil lubrication
Active cover

Optional equipment

Out-feed conveyor extension

Heater for oil




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