Log splitter

Hakki Pilke HH 100

When you need long firewood or if the logs to be split are particularly sturdy, the HH 100 hydraulic splitter is the best option.

The tractor-powered Hakki Pilke HH 100 hydraulic splitter is the ideal choice for both domestic and professional use. The length of the splitting motion can be adjusted according to wood length, which makes the machine is easy and efficient to operate.  The user can choose how many

pieces the wood is split into by changing the position of the splitting blade.  The Hakki Pilke HH100 splitter can be equipped with a speeding valve that accelerates the splitting motion by approximately 30% when splitting wood that does not require the maximum splitting force.

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Technical specs
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Technical specifications

Max log diameter 450 mm
Max wood length 1100 mm
Max splitting force 7 t
Power source tractor hydraulics
Splittind blade 2/4-way
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Optional equipment

Automatic speed valve
Splitting blade 6-way

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