Automatic chain tensioner

AC 10

Upgrade your efficiency with an automatic chain tensioner

AC 10 automatic chain tensioner keeps the chain in optimal tension at all times which prevents the chain from breakage and loosening. The right chain tension increaces the life of a chain and guide bar significantly and improves

the cutting speed. AC 10 doesn’t require any manual tensioning. Automatic chain tensioner makes replacement the chain fast and easy. Efficiency increaces significantly when you can replace the chain in less than 40 seconds!

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Technical specs
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Mechanic chain tensioner

Available 38 Pro (standard)
Guidebar 16"
Chain .325 1,5 mm 68
Chain replacement quick tool
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Hydraulic chain tensioner

Available 50 Pro / 43 Pro (standard)
Guidebar 18" / 20”
Chain .404 1,6 mm 68 / 72
Chain replacement without tools

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