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Hakki Pilke Raven 33

Hakki Pilke Raven 33 is an easy to use and reliable wood processor. The machine's direct hydraulic system allows simultaneous operations with light movements of the operating lever. The robust structure and minimal need for maintenance ensure that the machine is cost-efficient to use. Effortless operation and sufficient splitting power enable the processor to split even the largest of logs – get ready to make firewood for all purposes with unparalleled ease.

The one-piece guard, which is connected to the operation, is sprung by gas springs. It makes using the machine safer and is quick to open in the event of a malfunction, also allowing easy maintenance of the saw chain. Low power requirement and light weight of the machine also allow the use of lighter tractors. Raven 33 firewood processor has a carpet infeed conveyor and a laterally pivoting hydraulic outfeed conveyor as standard equipment.

The machine can be equipped with accessories to suit the application. With a tree lifter and auxiliary and log tables, you can make your work even easier and more efficient. The reverse valve on the infeed conveyor can be used to feed and reverse wood independently of the machine’s functions. The features of the machine make it ideal for shared use. The Raven 33 is available as a mobile model that can easily be taken to wherever the job site is. The mobile model has a work platform as standard equipment and a hydraulic HakkiLift log lifter as an optional equipment, which enable efficient and effortless work anywhere.

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330 mm / 13 in

500 cm / 20 in

6 t

Technical specifications


Max. log diameter: 330 mm / 14``

Max log length: 500 mm / 20``

Highest splitting power: 6 t

Saw blade: 16``

Power source: TR, electric motor, combi

Splitting blade: 2/4 -way

Outfeed conveyor length: 4 m / 13’1”

Infeed conveyor length: 2,2 m / 7’2”


Height: 2450 mm / 8’3”

Length: 2500 mm / 8’4”

Width: 1200 mm / 4’1”

Weight: 820 kg / 1,918 lbs


Hydraulic infeed carpet

Automatic chain oil lubrication

Automatic speed valve

Pivoting and cleaning outfeed conveyor

Outfeed conveyor speed control valve

Active safety cover


Infeed roller connection kit + valve

Accessory valve

Infeed guide plate

Splitting blade: 6-way

Outfeed conveyor extension 1 m

Tool box

Blower sawdust extractor (TR & electric 240V)

Oil heater (230V, 50hz)


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