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Hakki Pilke 55 Pro

A semi-automatic firewood factory with innovative features. The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro has been designed together with professionals around the world to enable the most efficient production of firewood. The innovative features of the 55 Pro ensure superior performance in all conditions.

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro brings firewood production into the modern age with its innovative and automated features. With the new HakkiMultiBlade™ you can easily split logs into up to 24 pieces and then easily change to 8 pieces in just a few seconds. The automatic hydraulic height adjustment of the splitting blade allows for consistent quality firewood even when log diameters vary. The system features an innovative sensor that measures the diameter of each log and then adjusts the height of the splitting blade for optimal results.

55 Pro has a modern data monitoring system with an easy-to-use display. The monitoring system collects important information on machine productivity and processes. Get real-time information on processed volume measurements, operating hours, splitting methods and machine guards. The display gives statistics on the firewood produced, such as daily production or production per hour. The user can easily change the desired dimension of the firewood on the screen. The measuring device automatically moves to the correct position based on the selected length.

Thanks to the delay-free HakkiSplit™ splitting system, the 55 Pro’s productivity is unbeatable, with its half-stroke function making shorter firewood quickly. You can choose the diameter to return after either a full, half, or one-third stroke. The landing plates ensure that even the shortest logs land neatly in the splitting chute. Standard equipment also includes the HakkiCut™ sawing interface, patented AC 10 automatic chain tensioner and electric automatic chain oil lubrication.

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550 mm / 22 in

600 mm / 24 in

40 t

Technical specifications


Max. log diameter: 550 mm / 22``

Max. log length: 600 mm / 24``

Highest splitting power: 40 t

Saw bar: 25”.404”

Power source: PTO, electric, combi

Splitting blade: 8/24 -way

Outfeed conveyor length: 1,8 m / 6’ (optional 6/8 m)

Outfeed conveyor width: 600 mm / 24``

Infeed conveyor dimensions: 300 x 2850 mm / 12” x 9’4”

Size of the electric motor and fuse requirements: 21,3 kW + 50 A (type C fuse)


Height: 2800 mm / 9'2``

Length: 5800 mm / 19'11⁄32``

Width: 200 mm / 6'7``

Weight: 3240 kg / 7143 lbs


Log table feed rollers connection kit + valve

Accessory valve

Hydraulic infeed conveyor

HakkiMultiBlade™ splitting blade (8-way)

Infeed conveyor guide plate

Hydraulic log press

AC10 automatic chain tensioner (hydraulic)

HakkiCut™ cutting control

Automatically optimised saw lowering speed

Automatic chain oil lubrication (electric)

Automatic hydraulically retracted log measuring device

Automatic hydraulic height adjustment of the splitting blade

HakkiSplit™ delay-free splitting (3 speeds)

Half-stroke splitting function (3 positions)

Log landing plates

Data monitoring system

Outfeed conveyor speed control + reverse

Cleaning outfeed conveyor

Active safety covers

Oil cooler

Adjustable working platform


HakkiMultiBlade™ (24-way or 16-way)

Cleaning, pivoting XL Outfeed conveyor

Blower sawdust removal (TR, electric, hydraulic)

Oil heater

TCT chain


Hakki Pilke XL Outfeed conveyor

HakkiFeed 472

Hakki Pilke Cleaner

Hakki Pilke Roller

Power Unit D560