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Customer stories

Firewood producers rely on Hakki Pilke machines on six continents and in more than 35 countries. The reliability and efficiency of Hakki Pilke machinery is proven on job sites from Alaska to Australia – every day, in every condition. Continuous improvement and understanding our customers’ needs has made us at Hakki Pilke leaders in our industry.

Together with customers and importers, we form a winning team in the market. Our customers don’t just get a machine, they become part of a global network of professionals. Global operations and a local service network provide machine owners with the best support and after-sales service in the world. Join the Winning Team!

Hakki Pilke 38 Pro

Simo Rousu bought his first firewood processor in 2003, a Hakki Pilke 2X. While upgrading his machine, he was a little concerned that the 38 Pro didn’t have two splitting pistons. But with a splitting cycle time of just over three seconds, he thought he could maintain the efficiency and speed he had with the 2X machine. The speed eventually increased considerably compared to 2X, as he started bringing in larger logs that he had previously avoided using the 2X. Today, he makes about 1 000 cubic metres of firewood a year with his 38 Pro.

Hakki Pilke 43 Pro

Glen Morton originally started his operation with a Hakki Pilke Big X 47 processor. Then his company upgraded to a 50 Easy and today they two machines – Hakki Pilke 43 Pro Hakki Pilke 50 Pro. With Hakki Pilke machines you get an excellent replacement price, which has been the main reason for Glen and his company to upgrade their machines for years. Glen has been very pleased to see how Hakki Pilke is constantly looking for ways to really improve production efficiency and safety at work.

Hakki Pilke 50 Pro

Mikko Mourujärvi’s company sells about 1 500 cubic metres of firewood per year. They chose Hakki Pilke because of its superior design and production quality. Originally they started their business with a different brand of machine, but user experience and discussions with other entrepreneurs led to the decision to buy a Hakki Pilke processor. First impressions have been the ease of use and how effortlessly the whole machine can be controlled with a single joystick.

Hakki Pilke 55 Pro

Hans Erik Nielsen has owned Hakki Pilke machines for about 15 years. Hakki Pilke 55 Pro is the third machine in his company, and he and his employees have been very satisfied with it. Hans has owned a biofuel company called A-Flis for 8 years, selling 50% to retail and 50% to wholesale. The company produces around 2 000 cubic metres of firewood for pallets, dried and stacked, and around 1 000 cubic metres sold in bulk for delivery to customers’ yards per year. They also sell 2 000-3 000 tonnes of wood pellets and bio-briquettes per year.

"The ease of use is my main impression of the machine. In practice, I can control the entire machine with one joystick. The productivity of the machine is good, and I am surprised to see how easily it splits even a large log."



"I think Hakki Pilke is one of the best firewood processors. They are looking for ways to really make people's production more efficient and also increase safety functions."


New Zealand

"Fast and easy to work with!"



"I am really satisfied with this investment. Hakki Pilke is the best firewood processor."



"I am very satisfied with this machine, maintenance and spare parts work really well. The machine works well in freezing temperatures, and there have been no problems."



"The 43 Pro has been absolutely the best firewood processor to date. I am really satisfied with the development of the machines, especially the HakkiCut sawing control and the log drop plates."



"I'm really pleased with how fast the machine is. The HakkiFeed log table is absolutely necessary to keep up with the speed at which this machine processes askew and crooked logs into firewood."


Quebec, Canada