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Our story

Hakki Pilke firewood processors with professionalism for over 40 years

In the beginning there was a garage, three young men and lots of enthusiasm and know-how – and so began the success story of the most popular firewood processor of all time, the Hakki Pilke. A burning desire to develop machinery that makes work easier and improves productivity in the agricultural and forestry industry drove the three friends and their company forward. Now, four decades later, firewood producers around the globe on six continents and in more than 35 countries trust in Hakki Pilke machines. For them we offer the latest high technology solutions and innovations, with which tens of thousands of firewood makers have improved their efficiency and maximised the results of their operations.

We at Hakki Pilke revolutionized the firewood production industry in the 1990’s with the revolutionary Hakki Pilke 2X and Hakki Pilke 1×37, the latter being the best-selling firewood processor in the world. The work has continued since then and still goes on, as the quality of Hakki Pilke is born from the desire of designing, developing and manufacturing the best firewood processors in the world. On top of this, working in close cooperation with our customers and dealers is at the center of our actions – we want to build a market-winning team. As the owner of a Hakki Pilke firewood processor, you are never alone.

For us, actions speak louder than words. Continuous improvement and understanding our customers’ needs has made us a market leader. We know the firewood professionals and the professionals know us. Our quality policy is our common cause and an important success factor in ensuring satisfied customers. We develop our machines always keeping in mind our customers, their needs and the continuous development of their business. Thanks to the continuous, customer-oriented and systematic work on our quality development, we have been awarded with the ISO 9001 quality sertificate. We have always been known for our effective after sales marketing and services, and our strong distribution channels around the world. When you want only the best and demand professionalism and true partnership, Hakki Pilke is your best choice. The reliability of our products is proven on worksites every day, all over the world. As an industry pioneer, we still only have one direction to go – forward in a more productive, efficient, and user-friendly way.

TP Silva Oy, the manufacturer of Hakki Pilke firewood processors, is part of the Terra Patris Group, whose main activities in addition to firewood processor manufacturing are development and manufacturing of earth-moving and piling machinery, contract manufacturing, and boat manufacturing. The group’s strong international expertise and financial support provide the basis for competitive and profitable operations and long-term growth.