Firewood processor

Hakki Pilke 43 Pro

The Hakki Pilke 43 Pro firewood processor is a combination of experience and innovations. 43 Pro is an entirely new machine based on the Easy 42 model, highly regarded among professional users. Despite the increased robustness of the frame, the log splitter is compact in terms of its dimensions and weight. The productivity of the procesor has been improved with excellent delay-free HakkiSplitTM splitting force. New features like a hydraulic log clamp, a hydraulically retracting measuring device and log landing plates ensures uninterrupted material flow. If Hakki Pilke 43 Pro firewood processor is mainly used to process sizeable logs, user can also opt for the wider output conveyor used in the 50 Pro model.

In terms of the operator, the most significant update is the user interface that provides a fully revamped user experience. HakkiCutTM sawing takes place with the press of a button and always automatically applies the optimal force. Patented hydraulic AC10 chain tensioner and automatic chain lubrication pump ensures that the saw chain and bar last for a long time and provide unparalleled cutting efficiency time and time again. User can set the feed assist mechanism to feed in logs during every splitting motion, ensuring that a new splitting action can always be activated optimally when the pusher’s return motion

begins. 43 Pro firewood processor boasts a wealth of features that reduce operating costs. The large oil capacity enables longer oil change intervals and uninterrupted operation in all conditions from Alaska to Australia. Reliable electric control minimises the number of elements and components that require maintenance. Adjusting the amount of the chain lubrication oil supplied is easy, so user can ensure that it is not wasted. User can also replace the oil canister, eliminating the need to pour oil from one container to another. The power transmission features no V-belts, which ensures consistent reliability and performance year after year.

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Technical specs
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Technical specification

Max log diameter 430 mm
Max log length 600 mm
Max splitting power 15 t
Saw chain .404  1,6 mm  68
Bar 18"
Power source PTO, electric motor, combi
Electric motor 15 kW
Splitting blade 6-way
Out-feed conveyor lenght 4 m
In-feed conveyor lenght 2.5 m *

* Lenght with a hydraulic in-feed roller 

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Standard equipment

Hydraulic in-feed roller
In-feed guide plate
Log feed assist mechanism
Hydraulic log press
AC 10 (hydraulic cahin tensioner)
HakkiCutTM cutting control
Automatically optimised saw press mechanism
Automatic chain oil lubrication
HakkiSplitTM delay free splitting
Hydraulically retracted log measuring device
Guide plates for falling wood pieces
Log guide plates for controlled landing
Hydraulic swivel out-feed conveyor
Out-feed conveyor speed control (+reverse)
Cleaning out-feed conveyor
Oil cooler
Active cover

Optional equipment

Out-feed conveyor extension
Blower saw-dust removal

Heater for oil

Splitting blades 2/4, 8, 12-way



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