Log table

HakkiFeed 472

The HakkiFeed 472 hydraulically controlled log table moves, sorts and feeds larger logs into the firewood processor with ease.

The HakkiFeed 472 log table features three conveying chains and mechanical separators, which ensure that the feeder moves only one log at a time to the three-roller lateral transfer mechanism. The lateral transfer mechanism is synchronised with the firewood processor’s input conveyor, ensuring that the even the largest trunks are moved to the processor’s cutting device. The robust structure of the HakkiFeed 472 log table enables

the loading space to be extended from 2 metres up to 6 metres. This means that logs ranging from 2.5 metres to 6 metres in length can loaded onto the table. Thanks to its nine adjustment legs, the HakkiFeed 472 is sufficiently sturdy for outdoor use. The 38, 43 and 50 models feature connectors for the HakkiFeed 472 log table. The HakkiFeed 472 can be connected to the Raven and Falcon models with separate valve and connector sets.

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Technical specs
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Technical specifications

Width 2200 mm
Length 3600-7600 mm
Height, adj. 1000-1440 mm
Weight 925 kg

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