Professional log splitter

Hakki Pilke HH 110

When you need long firewood or if the logs to be split are particularly sturdy, the HH 110 professional hydraulic splitter is the best option.

Hakki Pilke HH 110 is a professional log splitter which is really easy and efficient to operate. The hydraulic log lifter enables easy handling and processing of logs up to 80 cm in diameter and 1 meter in length for a single operator. The machine is easy to carry by a tractor and operate by tractor hydraulics with a recommended output of 40–60 l/min.

With power taken from external hydraulics the machine is always equipped with hydraulic log lifter and hydraulic adjustment for the splitting blade. The user can choose how many pieces the wood is split into by changing the height of the splitting blade. Sturdy and hard logs (e.g. beech and oak) are always split into two parts

first. Big pieces of wood are easy to re-split thanks to the robust splitting table that prevents wood from falling to the ground during or after the splitting or re-splitting process. The machine is equipped with a hookaroon, which helps you to handle and turn large pieces of wood, both on the ground and on the splitting table. The splitting table enables piling up of the finished firewood, from an ergonomic working height after splitting.

Hakki Pilke HH 110 is fulfilling the latest safety requirements in European legislation and is well suited for both domestic and professional use. It is also a perfect match to work next to a firewood processor to process oversized timber.

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Technical specs
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Technical specifications

Max log diameter 800 mm
Max wood length 1050 mm
Max splitting force 10 t
Power source tractor hydraulics
Splittind blade 2/4-way
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Dimensions in transport position 

Height 1600 mm
Lenght 2380 mm
Width 1500 mm
Weight 521 kg

Optional equipment

Splitting blade 6-way

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