Outfeed conveyor

Hakki Pilke Xl Conveyor

The Hakki Pilke XL Conveyor is designed for large amount of firewood 

The Hakki Pilke XL Conveyor is available as optional equipment. You can complete and maximize the efficiency of your firewood factory by adding either the 4, 6 or 8 meter XL Conveyor to the 55 Pro’s outfeed conveyor. The conveyor’s 60 cm

wide belt transports easily large amount of firewood and it has a cleaning system that separates the debris from the firewood. The XL Conveyor is also easy to remove from the machine and transport by its own tires for short distances.

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Technical specs
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Technical specification

6000 mm

2200 mm

Height, adjustable
2200-4600 mm

560 / 700 / 850 kg

XL Conveyor 6 m heigh:  2,200–3,500 mm / 7'3" – 11'6"

XL Conveyor 8 m heigh: 3,500 - 4,600 mm / 11'6" - 15'1"


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