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Hakki Pilke XL Outfeed conveyor

Cleaning XL Outfeed conveyor for large volumes of firewood

The Hakki Pilke XL Outfeed conveyor is available as an option. You can complete your firewood operation and increase your production efficiency by adding either a 4, 6 or 8 metre XL Outfeed Conveyor to replace your own firewood processor outfeed conveyor. The 60 cm (24″) wide conveyor transports large quantities of firewood and it has a built-in cleaning system that separates debris from the firewood.

Hydraulically pivoting XL outfeed conveyor is available for the 55 Pro firewood processor. The pivoting outfeed conveyor is easily detachable from the machine and it can be transported short distances on its own wheels. A non-swivel static Standalone XL conveyor with firm feet is available for the 43 Pro and 50 Pro machines.

Technical specifications


Height, adjustable: 2200-4600 mm / 11'6``-15'1``

Width: 2200 mm / 7'3``

Length: 4000/6000/8000 mm / 13'2``/19'8``/26'3``

Weight: 560/700/850 kg / 1234/1543/1874 lbs


55 Pro

50 Pro

43 Pro

38 Pro