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Hakki Pilke Blower

Efficient integrable sawdust extractor

The Hakki Pilke sawdust extractor efficiently transfers the sawdust generated by the sawing process to the desired location by means of a hose. The environment around the machine is kept clean, so that efficient working time does not have to be spent cleaning up sawdust and woodchips. The blower is available in a hydraulic or electric version. The length and diameter of the hose is 5 m Ø 5″ and the speed of the extractor is 2700 r/min.

The hydraulic-powered model can be used with every Hakki Pilke processor by connecting it to a tractor’s hydraulic system via quick connectors. When powering the Blower with tractor hydraulics, the recommended output of the hydraulic pump is 20-70 l/min and the return hose must be free-flowing to the tank.

The Blower can also be powered by firewood processors’ hydraulic valves with some of our processor models. It can be connected to the accessory valves of 55 Pro and 50 Pro, and to the 43 Pro with an additional connector kit.

Technical specifications


Length of the hose: 5 m / 16'5``

Diameter of the hose: Ø 5” / 12,7 cm

Rotating speed: 2700 r/min


55 Pro

50 Pro

43 Pro

38 Pro

Falcon 37

Raven 33