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Hakki Pilke HakkiFeed 471

Hydraulically controlled feeding table for larger logs

The Hakkifeed 471 feed table is equipped with two strong transfer chains. Two transfer rollers ensure effortless lateral transfer of logs to the infeed conveyor of the firewood processor. The HakkiFeed 471 feed table can be extended with 2 m extensions up to a total length of 6 m (19’8″). The adjustable width of the table makes it particularly suitable for shorter logs under 4 meters (13’1″) in length. The Hakkifeed 471 table has four height-adjustable legs, making it easy to install on uneven surfaces.

The Hakkifeed 471 feeding table is easy to connect to the 38 Pro, 43 Pro and 50 Pro models. With the additional valve and connector kit, the Hakkifeed 471 can also be connected to the Raven and Falcon models.

Technical specifications


Log table length, extendable: 3,600–7,600 mm / 11’10”–24’11”

Log table width, adjustable: 950–1,500 mm / 37”–4’11”

Height, adjustable: 1,000–1,440 mm / 3’3”–4’9”

Max. Log length: 3 m / 9’10”

Weight: 616 kg / 1,358 lbs


50 Pro

43 Pro

38 Pro

Falcon 35

Raven 33