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Hakki Pilke HakkiLift 381

The log lifter lifts even the heaviest logs effortlessly from the ground to the feed table

The HakkiLift 381 log lifter is an efficient tool for lifting logs from the ground to the firewood processor. With the hydraulically driven HakkiLift 381 log lifter, you can safely lift logs 2-4 m long onto the infeed conveyor of a firewood processor.

HakkiLift log lifters are easy to move and transport with the machine, which makes them a perfect solution for contractors processing logs in multiple locations requiring easy portability and for operations without the necessary equipment to load a log table. HakkiLift log lifters are connected to the hydraulic system of a firewood processor and you can manage them effortlessly from the control panel of the processor.

Technical specifications


Length: 2220 mm / 7'3``

Width: 1100 mm / 3'7``

Lift height: 50/1000 mm / 2``/3'3``

Weight: 70 kg / 154 lbs

Max. log length: 4 m / 13'1``


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