When you want to reach high profit margins for your firewood business one of the things you want to consider is producing a high-quality firewood without generating too much debris.

When your goal is to reach high profit margins and you have a demanding customer segment it is crucially important that your deliver high-quality firewood. We have previously talked about different ways of storing and delivering firewood, since you don't want to pile your firewood on your yard only to find it debris and maybe even mold on the bottom layers. This time we'd like to emphasis to the cleaning process of the firewood before storing it, since you most definitely want to generate firewood without debris to start with. 


Cleaning the firewood speeds up the drying process

On the market you can find many options to clean most of the debris before it ends up in your firewood pile. Most of the modern firewood processors actually even come with some kind of cleaning system to start with.

For example all Hakki Pilke chainsaw equipped firewood processors are also equipped with a cleaning outfeed conveyor. Thanks to this patented solution, the end results is cleaner firewood and therefore the firewood can be made directly to the customer's truck load without any extra debris.

One important thing with cleaning your firewood is also that it speeds up the drying process. This of course helps you to speed up your whole production process while the cleaner firewood ensures consistent quality of you product. 


Industrial cleaning devices are designed for large quantities of firewood

If you are producing large quantities of firewood, there are many cleaning equipment on the market designed especially for that. They are usually tumbler style cleaners or have vibrating parts to separate the debris.

For industrial purposes, Hakki Pilke offers two firewood cleaning devices. Hakki Pilke Roller is a stand-alone firewood cleaner and it helps to achieve the very best quality and debris free firewood. Dry wood often release a lot of debris, such as bark. It is often convenient to use the Roller for the firewood when it has already dried, just before transportation. This helps you to guarantee that the firewood send to customers is clean from all the debris. 

Hakki Pilke Roller is great for large quantities of firewood under the demand of daily use and can be used together with a front loader. With the Hakki Pilke Roller it is also possibly to use many Hakki Pilke firewood processor at once since the Hakki Pilke Roller has a high capacity and is open from the top.

Hakki Pilke Cleaner is a robustly built and height adjustable tumbler style cleaner equipped with a 10 feet integrated conveyor. The outfeed conveyor moves the firewood to the rotating drum of the Cleaner which separates debris from the end product. From the Cleaner, the firewood can be conveyed into firewood bags using the guide plates or on a truck with the laterally pivoting outfeed conveyor (3 m), which is available as an accessory.

Check out Hakki Pilke firewood cleaning equipment video.



Don't throw away the wood chips that get separated during the cleaning process. As they can be used as a kindling you can get advantage of them for example by building kindling bags from them.

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Watch the new Hakki Pilke Falcon 35 video on our Youtube channel!

In its category, the Falcon has by far the fastest splitting on the market, and the one-hand control lever makes the machine easy to use. Falcon 35 is the modern version of the wildly popular Hakki Pilke 1X37 firewood processor.

Thanks to the effective hydraulic saw and 3 second splitting cycle, Falcon 35 is the fastest firewood processor for seasonal firewood producers and home users. The ergonomic and easy-to-use control panel makes the machine easy to operate. The Falcon 35 is equipped with a standard patented cleaning outfeed conveyor that separates debris, which results in cleaner firewood. It cleans most of the debris before it ends up in the firewood pile.

As a new optional equipment, you can add hydraulic height adjustment of the splitting blade, which can be controlled in the user-friendly control panel. You can also boost productivity with the HakkiLift log lifter or HakkiFeed log table. Thanks to our wide range of accessories, you can easily customize the machine to your liking.


In our previous post, we listed the most important features you should consider when buying a new firewood processor. But we are aware that the first question in mind is often: which one is better, a circular saw or a chainsaw? Both have pros and cons, so we hope this blog post will help you with your decision.


A Firewood processor with a circular saw has longer sharpening interval

When choosing a circular saw people often consider that machine with circular saw blade is more efficient and maintenance-free. It is true that with a circular saw the sharpening interval is indeed longer and you don't need chain oil for the maintenance. On the other hand, changing and sharpening the cutting blade is slower and more expensive than with a firewood processor with a chainsaw.

When the blade of a circular saw firewood processor is sharp, it cuts well. However, when the blade becomes dull, the problem is that the firewood ends up into wrong position. Operator needs to adjust the position, which slows down the work.

With a circular saw firewood processor many choose a TCT blade (tungsten carbide tipped) instead of a regular blade. The TCT blade lasts up to 10-20 times longer than a regular blade. Still, it will become dull eventually. Additionally, the TCT blade can be completely destroyed if it hits a large hard object inside the tree. But for example with sandy trees a TCT blade is a must-have when using  a circular saw firewood processor.

One of the advantages of the circular saw is that the resulting sawdust doesn’t contain any oil at all. It may also seem that it produces less sawdust than a chainsaw. This is however not the case as there are no major differences in the blade width between these two saw types. Sawdust from the circular saw machine is just very dense, whereas sawdust from a chainsaw machine is fluffier.


The modern firewood processors with a circular saw are safe to use 

Many still believe that a circular saw is dangerous. However, this too is a misconception. Modern circular saw firewood processors are safe to use as they nowadays follow the EU safety regulations. But because the circular saw blade rotates all the time, it requires different guards. For safety reasons, these guards can usually not be opened while the machine is running. When using a firewood processor with a chainsaw it is easy to stop the chain and all other dangerous functions. This allows you immediately to open the single large guard. 

Far more real problem with a circular saw is often the fact that a high-speed circular saw blade needs a lot of space. This is one of the reasons why circular saw firewood processors are significantly more expensive than same size chainsaw processors. To move around a large circular saw blade requires much more robust structures, resulting in significantly higher manufacturing costs compared to a firewood processor with a chainsaw.

In a smaller circular saw firewood processor the wood is often pushed to the circular saw by the operator and in larger machines the circular saw blade is moved towards the wood. This increases the demand for space and requires strong, often complex power line to rotate the blade. For example, a blade that has diameter in 27,5” (700 mm) cuts wood that’s diameter is only 11” (280 mm). At the same time the blade and transmission must move even more than cutting diameter of the log.

Starting a large circular saw blade is also difficult, especially without the release switch. This comes up especially with electric machines and in cold weather.


Firewood processor with a chainsaw is compact

Many see that the best feature of firewood processor with chainsaw is that the firewood processor and the chainsaw have the same chain ja chain bar and these can be varied when needed. With the chainsaw the normal chain becomes dull with time as does the one in the circular saw. The difference is that with a circular saw you will always have to turn to a specialized dealer, but you can easily sharpen the chainsaw yourself. Changing the chainsaw chain is also easy and you can do all other maintenance yourself too.

Hakki Pilke Pro series firewood processors feature our highly efficient AC 10 automatic chain tensioner that keeps the chain in optimal tension at all times preventing breakage and loosening. Correct chain tension greatly increases the useful life of the chain and improves cutting speed. With a modern firewood processor maintaining the chainsaw chain and chain bar is amazingly easy - you find the guidelines and video for the maintenance in our blog How To: Sharpening Your Chainsaw Chain.

When you don’t need a maintenance break to replace your chain, it can be easily done in the middle of the day and it takes only few minutes. With easy maintenance and replacement of the chain, it is more likely that you keep it sharp at all times. Sharper chainsaw chain makes the work faster. If you instead run the machine with a dull chainsaw chain, let’s say for example two weeks, because changing it would take too much effort, this will result in a big notch in the machine’s performance.

Nowadays TCT blade are also available for the firewood processors with a chainsaw. They also have the same lifespan as TCT blade for the circular saws. As the TCT blade are nowadays evolved, there are quality TCT blade available for the chainsaw where the carbide tips are soldered in the same way as in a circular saw blade. With the chainsaw also the TCT blade can be sharpened at home with a dedicated file or with diamond blade.


Electric firewood processor with a chainsaw is a good choice especially in cold weather

The chainsaw needs lubrication between the chainsaw chain and chain bar, but modern firewood processors have automatic chain lubrication with a stepless adjustment. This way, the oil is not wasted, and only minimal amount of oil adheres to the sawdust. There are also high quality biodegradable lubricants available today that don't mess the sawdust at all.

Many users appreciate the silence of the firewood processor with a chainsaw. Modern chainsaws also feature powerful sawdust extraction options and are available with a sawdust blower. This way, the fluffier sawdust does not spread to the environment. One of the advantages of a firewood processor with a chainsaw is that the chainsaw chain does not rotate all the time, which makes the machine more efficient to operate. It is also easy to start the machine as only the hydraulic pumps start.

One good thing about firewood processors with a chainsaw is their considerably smaller size compared to the machines with a circular saw. They also have a larger wood diameter than circular saw machines of the same size. For example, a 16” chain bar can cut approximately 15” (380 mm) diameter wood. The chain bar moves about 90 degrees, to a horizontal plane and back up. This means that the machine is significantly smaller in size and at the same time it is possible to cut considerably larger diameter wood. In all firewood processors with a chainsaw, only the chain bar moves, used either by the operator or by the machine.


A chainsaw firewood processor 

+ quieter

+ longer sharpening interval

+ you can sharpen yourself

+ cutting does not need lubrication oil

+ chainsaw chain is cheaper to renew and change

+ also available with TCT blade

+ cuts bigger wood diameter with the same size machine  

A circular saw firewood processor

+ electric processor needs less power

+ electric processor works in cold weather without problems


TIP: Whatever firewood processor you use, it's important to keep in mind that dull blades are never a good idea

For example, if the average diameter of the wood is 7,9” (200 mm) and the length 13” (33 cm), a sharp chainsaw can make 10 cuts per minute. Slightly dull chainsaw in turn makes 8 cuts per minute. This means that a sharp blade will produce 75 cubes a day and a slightly dull blade only 59 cubes. You can read more detailed figures from the calculator attached.


Visit our website and answer our handy questionnaire to find out which Hakki Pilke firewood processor is best suited for your needs.

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Aiemmassa kirjoituksessamme listasimme mielestämme tärkeimmät ominaisuudet, jotka uuden klapikoneen hankinnassa kannattaa huomioida. Moni klapikoneen ostaja pohtii kuitenkin aivan ensimmäisenä yhtä kysymystä: kumpi on parempi ketjusaha- vai sirkkelikone? Siksi päätimme omistaa tälle aiheelle ihan oman blogitekstinsä.


Sirkkelikoneessa on pidempi teroitusväli

Moni sirkkelikoneen valinnut pitää pyöröterällisiä koneita tehokkaampina ja huoltovapaampina. Sirkkelikoneissa teroitusväli on tosiaan pidempi, ja sen huolto on öljyvapaampaa, sillä siinä ei tarvita ketjuöljyä. Toisaalta katkaisuterän vaihto sekä teroitus on hitaampaa ja kalliimpaa kuin ketjusahallisessa klapikoneessa.

Kun sirkkelikoneen terä on terävä, se leikkaa hyvin. Terän tylstyessä ongelmana kuitenkin on, että terä heittää katkaistavan pilkkeen usein väärään asentoon. Tällöin käyttäjä joutuu korjaaman asennon, mikä hidastaa työtä.

Moni valitsee tavallisen terän sijasta kovapalateräketjun, joka kestää teroittamatta jopa 10–20 kertaa pidempään kuin tavallinen ketju. Silti sekin tylsyy aikanaan. Lisäksi kovapalaterä voi tuhoutua kokonaan osuessaan isoon kovaan esineeseen puun sisällä. Kovapalaterä on kuitenkin esimerkiksi hiekkaisilla puilla ehdoton silloin, kun käytetään sirkkelikonetta.

Sirkkelikoneen etuna on myös se, että syntyvässä sahanpurussa ei ole yhtään öljyä. Saattaa myös tuntua, että sahanpurua syntyy vähemmän kuin ketjusahakoneella. Tämä ei kuitenkaan todellisuudessa pidä paikkaansa, sillä terien leveydessä ei ole suuria eroja. Sirkkelikoneesta syntyvä sahanpuru vain on hyvin tiivistä, siinä missä ketjusahakoneella syntyvä puru on kuohkeampaa. 


Modernit sirkkelikoneet ovat turvallisia

Sirkkelin huonona puolena monet pitävät sen vaarallisuutta. Tämäkin on kuitenkin harhaluulo, sillä moderneissa kotimaisissa koneissa sirkkeli on EU:n asettamien turvallisuussäännösten myötä turvallinen. Koska sirkkelin terä pyörii koko ajan, se vaatii erilaisia suojia. Suojia ei myöskään yleensä voi avata koneen ollessa käynnissä, jotta koko ajan pyörivään sirkkelin terään ei voi vahingossa loukata itseään. Ketjusahassa on helppo pysäyttää ketju ja vaaralliset toiminnot, jolloin yksittäinen iso suoja voidaan avata heti.

Sirkkelikoneen todellisempi ongelma on usein se, että nopeasti pyörivä terä tarvitsee paljon tilaa. Muun muassa tämän vuoksi sirkkelin terällä varustetut koneet ovat huomattavasti kalliimpia suhteessa saman kokoiseen ketjusahakoneeseen. Varsinkin suurempien sirkkelin terien liikuttaminen vaatii paljon tukevia rakenteita, jolloin syntyy huomattavasti korkeammat valmistuskustannukset verrattuna ketjusahakoneeseen.

Pienemmissä sirkkelikoneissa puuta usein työnnetään terälle käyttäjän voimin ja isommissa koneissa terää liikutetaan puuta päin. Tällöin tilan tarve kasvaa ja tarvitaan vahva, usein monimutkainen voimalinja terän pyöritykseen. Esimerkiksi 700 mm halkaisijalla oleva terä leikkaa halkaisijaltaan vain 280 mm olevan puun ja samalla terän sekä voimansiirron tulee liikkua minimissään metri. Ison terän käynnistäminen on myös hankalaa, etenkin ilman vapautuskytkintä. Tämä korostuu etenkin sähkökäyttöisissä koneissa ja kylmällä säällä.


Ketjusaha menee kompaktiinkin tilaan

Moni pitää ketjusahan parhaana puolena sitä, että klapikoneessa ja moottorisahassa on sama laippa ja teräketju, jota voi vaihdella tarpeen mukaan. Myös ketjusahassa tavallinen ketju tylsyy samoin kuin tavallinen sirkkelin terä. Mutta siinä missä sirkkelikoneen kohdalla vaaditaan aina kääntymistä asiantuntevan liikkeen puoleen, pystyy teräketjun teroittamaan helposti itse. Myös teräketjun vaihtaminen on helppoa ja kaiken muunkin terän huoltoon liittyvän voi tehdä itse.

Hakki Pilke Pro -sarjan ketjusahallisissa klapikoneissa on automaattinen teräketjun voitelu ja AC 10 -ketjunkiristin. Nämä helpottavat ketjusahan huoltoa arjessa sekä pidentävät ketjun ja laipan käyttöikää merkittävästi. Teräketjun ja laipan huolto onkin modernissa klapikoneessa uskomattoman helppoa – ohjeet ja videon huoltoon löydät blogistamme Kuinka klapikoneen teräketju huolletaan?

Kun ketjun vaihtamiseen ei tarvita erillistä huoltotaukoa, se onnistuu kesken työpäivän ja vie vain pienen hetken. Kun ketjun huoltaminen ja vaihtaminen on helppoa, tulee terä varmemmin pidettyä koko ajan terävänä ja vaihdettua tarvittaessa vaikka joka toinen päivä. Terävä terä nopeuttaa työskentelyä. Jos taas konetta ajetaan esimerkiksi kaksi viikkoa hieman tylsällä terällä, koska vaihtaminen on työlästä, aiheutuu tästä iso lovi koneen tuottoon. 

Myös ketjusahaan on nykyisin saatavana kovapalaketju, jonka käyttöikä on samaa luokkaa sirkkelin kovapalaketjun kanssa. Kovapalaketjut ovat nykyään kehittyneitä ja myös ketjusahaan on tarjolla hyvälaatuisia kovapalaketjuja, joissa leikkuuhampaan kovempi materiaali on juotettu kiinni samoin kuin sirkkelin terässä. Ketjusahan kohdalla myös kovapalaketjun voi teroittaa kotioloissa siihen tarkoitetulla viilalla tai timanttilaikalla.


Sähkökäyttöinen ketjusahakone on hyvä erityisesti kylmällä ilmalla

Ketjusaha tarvitsee voitelun ketjun ja laipan väliin, mutta nykyaikaisissa koneissa tätä varten on automaattinen ketjunvoitelu portaattomalla säädöllä. Näin öljyä ei mene hukkaan ja sitä tarttuu puruun häviävän pieni määrä. Voiteluun on nykyään olemassa korkealaatuisia biohajoavia voiteluaineita, jotka eivät sotke pilkkeitä millään tavoin.

Moni käyttäjä arvostaa ketjusahan kohdalla katkaisutavan hiljaisuutta. Moderneissa ketjusahakoneissa on lisäksi tehokkaat purunpoistot ja niihin on saatavilla lisävarusteena myös puruimuri. Näin kuohkeampikaan sahanpuru ei pääse leviämään ympäristöön. Yksi ketjukoneen etuja on myös se, että ketju ei pyöri koko ajan ja näin koneen käyttö on tehokkaampaa. Myös koneen käynnistäminen on helppoa koska vain hydrauliikkapumput käynnistyvät.

Ketjusahallisten klapikoneiden yksi hyvä puoli on niiden sirkkelikoneita selvästi kompaktimpi koko. Niissä myös saa suuremman puun halkaisijan paksuuden kuin saman luokan pyöröteräisissä koneissa. Esimerkiksi 16” laippa yltää katkaisemaan halkaisijaltaan 380 mm puun. Laippa liikkuu vajaan 90 astetta, vaakatasoon ja takaisin ylös. Näin koneen mitat ovat merkittävästi pienemmät ja samalla voidaan katkaista halkaisijaltaan reilusti suurempi puu. Kaikissa ketjusahakoneissa vain laippa liikkuu, joko käyttäjän voimin tai koneen ohjaamana.



+ hiljaisempi ääni
+ pidempi teroitusväli

+ teroituksen voi tehdä itse
+ lähes huoltovapaa, öljy vapaa (ei ketjuöljyä)

+ terä on edullisempi uusia ja vaihtaa

+ saatavilla myös kovapalaketjuna

+ pystyy sahaamaan isompia puita saman kokoisella koneella

+ sähkökäyttöinen kone tarvitsee vähemmän virtaa

+ sähkökäyttöinen kone toimii ongelmitta myös pakkasella


VINKKI: Käytit mitä tahansa konetta, niin tärkeää on muistaa, että tylsillä terillä ei koskaan kannata tehdä pilkettä.

Jos puun keskihalkaisija on esimerkiksi 200 mm ja pituus 33 cm voidaan terävällä ketjusahalla tehdä 10 katkaisua/min. Hieman tylsynyt puolestaan tekee 8 katkaisua/min. Tämä tarkoittaa, että terävällä terällä tulee 75 irtokuutiota päivässä vs. hieman tylsällä 59 irtokuutiota päivässä. Voit tutustua tarkempiin lukuihin itse oheisella laskurilla.


Oletko kiinnostunut klapikoneesta?

Hakki Pilkkeen valikoimista löydät sopivat klapikoneet ja voimalähteet niin teolliseen tuotantoon, ammattilaisille, puoliammattilaisille kuin pilkkeitä kotitarpeeseen tekeville.

Tutustu valikoimaamme



When you need to increase your volume of firewood or you long for faster, easier and more ergonomic way to make firewood, it might be the right time for you to make the jump from a log splitter to a modern and efficient firewood processor.


Increasing the volume of firewood

Growing your business is of course good news and it means increased customer base and demand. When your business is growing and you are ready to take the next step to increase your volume of firewood, it is definitely a time to consider making the jump from a log splitter to a modern and efficient firewood processor.

Many of the happy Hakki Pilke customers have upgraded a log splitter to an efficient firewood processor. For example our customer Splinta's Firewood, from New Zealand made 150 m3 of wood (40 cord) in a year with small splitter. When they decided to purchase Hakki Pilke 43 Pro, it helped them to increase their volume to 450 m3 of wood (125 cord). Now they new annual target is 1000 m3 and they are planning to grow their business even more with new investments. With Hakki Pilke 43 Pro, year around efficient production can easily be more than 5 000 m3 (1 400 cord). Read more about Splinta’s Firewood story and future plans.  

If you are about to grow your firewood sales or even start a new firewood business, check out our blog post How to start a firewood business. It gives some valuable insight on how to organize a firewood business and create a firewood business plan. Also our blog How to promote your firewood businesss? may help you to gain new customers, increase customer satisfaction and keep the demand steady through the year.


Fast, easy and ergonomic way to make firewood

Need to increase the volume of firewood is not the only reason to make the jump from a log splitter to a modern firewood processor. One of the main purposes to own a firewood processor is to avoid excess manual labor and increase productivity of your operation. The firewood processor helps you to make the process easier, faster and more ergonomic. 

So, wouldn't it be great if you could make firewood for the fireplace and oven quickly and effortlessly and you wouldn't need to swing a heavy axe? The modern firewood processors are not only for big businesses and can also be a huge help for home and part time users. Many models available are suitable for shared use and therefore affordable option also for home and part time users.

For example the Hakki Pilke Raven 33 is a reliable and easy-to-use firewood processor with minimal need for maintenance that makes the use of machine cost-efficient. The features of the Raven 33 firewood processor make it a perfect fit for shared use.

Modern saw machines are incredibly efficient compared to a chainsaw. This means that the work of cutting the logs separately is completely eliminated and the machine does the job at the same time as splitting. 

Our Hakki Pilke Pro series machines have the patented AC 10 automatic chain tensioning which responses to distinct customer needs. AC 10 automatic chain tensioner keeps the chain in optimal tension at all times which increases the life of a chain and guide bar significantly and improves the cutting speed.


Are you interested in upgrading to firewood processor? Read our guide How to choose the right firewood processor for your needs?

Answer our handy questionnaire to find out which Hakki Pilke firewood processor is best suited for your needs. Click on the button below to request a quote and recommendations for the most suitable machine for your need.

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Hvorfor bør du kjøpe Hakki Pilke Hybrid?

1) Lav drifts kost og høy gjenkjøpsverdi: Hybrid er kombinert el- og pto drift. Dette kan bety lav driftskost, høy 2.håndsverdi, bedre arbeidsmiljø og mulighet​ til å frigjøre traktoren til andre arbeidsoppgaver.

2) Kompakt maskin og godt arbeidsmiljø: Hakki Pilke Hybrid har elektromotoren innebygget i selve maskinen. Dette er en unik løsning som ikke øker maskinens utvendige mål. Renholdet rundt maskinen blir enklere. Med elektrisk anlegg for drift er det tilrettelagt for bedre lys og kompressor for renhold. Vedproduksjonen kan gjennomføres innendørs.

3) Støysvakt og miljøvennlig. Når du kjører elektrisk er støynivået mye lavere enn med pto drift. Ingen eksos og lite støy gir bedre arbeidsmiljø.

4) Smart konstruksjon. Hakki Pilke Hybrid vedmaskiner er kompakte kraftpakker med avansert hydraulisk design. Dette betyr lavt energibruk og mindre sikringer enn du ellers måtte hatt. Kraftoverføringene i maskinen er uten kilereimer noe som betyr sikrere drift og lengre levetid på maskin elementene,,= Bedre økonomi!



EKSTRA TILBUD for HYBRID løsning med både el-motor og PTO drift inkludert. Tilleggspris kun kr. 20.000,- + mva. og ikke nok med det nå får du også 6-delingskniv på kjøpet ! Tilbudet gjelder til 31. mars eller så langt lageret rekker. Ler mes:


Welcome to the ABM Stål Demo Days in Faxe, Denmark! Be sure to come and enjoy the amazing firewood processor demonstrations on 31st of January 2020 from 9:00-16:00.

During the demo day we will demonstrate the new 50 Pro 2020 model with log landing plates. In addition, Hakki Pilke Falcon 35 will be demonstrated as well. Read more about the evet here. Come and witness the amazing new features of 50 Pro including the half-stroke splitting system! Read more about the evet here.​ 

ABM Stål ApS | Egedevej 149, 4640 Faxe | Tel.: +45 2041 1819 |

* * *

Velkommen til ABM Ståls demodag 31. januar 2020, i samarbejde med NHS Flishuggere og Dianalund motor!

Vi vil sammen præsentere og demonstrere vores brede vifte af produkter - og vi håber I vil komme og nyde en spændende dag med os!
Vi vil på dagen demonstrere brændemaskiner, flishuggere, skovvogn og fældehoveder og minilæsser. Glæd jer bl.a. til at opleve
• Hakki Pilke Falcon & 50 Pro
• NHS Legacy 180 (på bælter)
• Farmi CH381
• JAK 200
• MultiOne minilæsser
• Stihl
• NHS 150 flishugger
• Farmi FT9 Skovvogn m. CR47 kran
• JAK 300
• Farmi Profi CH27 flishugger
• Farmi Skovspil
• Omef 200 fældehoved
• Omef 300 fældehoved
• Farmi Profi CH27 flishugger

Derudover vil der på dagen naturligvis være mulighed for at lave en god handel, på både nye og brugte produkter.
Vi vil være vært for lidt varmt til ganen og en smule lunt til maven.
Såfremt du skulle have nogle spørgsmål er du altid velkommen til at kontakte os! Vi glæder os til at se jer!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Low operating costs, high resale value and cleaner working environment are only few of the benefits for an electric and combi model firewood processors.

If you don't have mobile firewood operations, the best solution for you might be an electric or combi model firewood processor. These models usually have a higher purchase price than the PTO powered processors. But they also have higher resale value and many other benefits. 

The three main reasons to consider buying an electric or combi model firewood processor are:

  1. Low operating costs and high resale value
  2. Compact machine with clean working environment
  3. Quietness and environmental friendliness


1. Low operating costs and high resale value

The electric and combi model firewood processors usually have a higher purchase price than the PTO powered firewood processors. But with the higher purchase price also the resale value is higher. Especially the combi models have excellent resale value as they fit for the customers in a need of a PTO powered machine as well as for the customers in a need of an electric machine.

Generally, the electric power is cheap to use. In particular in countries with cheap electricity, the electric and combi models have lower operating costs than the PTO powered models. With electric firewood processor the operating costs are also predictable and it is a cost-effective way to operate the machine.

However, it is important to remember that the electric machines require a power line and they are not suitable for mobile work. So, in case you are looking for a machine designed for easy transportation, check out our post Why should YOU buy A PTO powered firewood processor?


”The great benefit of using an electric or combi machine, in addition to its low operating costs, is that it releases the tractor for other work such as moving a trailer or firewood sacks and cages.” 

- Firewood seller, Finland


2. Compact machine with clean working environment

Hakki Pilke electric and combi firewood processors have an electric motor inside the machine, hence they weight less than the PTO models with separate PowerPack. The electric and combi firewood processors are also compact packages as the source of power doesn't increase the machine's overall dimensions. When there is no tractor or other power pack behind the machine, the sawdust extraction and cleaning the area around the machine is easier. 

With a sawdust blower, the working environment remains clean. A firewood processor with an electric motor can also easily be installed indoors, for example in an industrial hall. Thus it is protected from the weather and behind the locked doors from vandals. 

In general, arranging electricity for operating the machine also enables the use of additional lighting and compressed air compass for cleaning. These two are indispensable for some firewood operators, especially in the dark working conditions in the northern countries. In addition, the electric models are easy to start-up. A tractor requires heating in the winter and working with fuel oil including refueling, when the electric machines have effortless button start.

Hakki Pilke firewood processors are compact powerhouses with advanced hydraulic design which ensures low fuel and energy consumption and long life of components. Due to the efficient hydraulics you can also run bigger machine with smaller fuse. For example in EU countries Falcon 35 with 8 tons splitting force: 7.5kW 400V, 50hz. The power transmission features no v-belts. This ensures consistent reliability and performance year after year with minimal electric or fuel costs as they have less serviceable parts.


3. Quietness and environmental friendliness 

Firewood processors with an electric power are quieter than PTO powered machines. There is no smoke or extra noise and the employee motivation remains higher when the air is clean and the working environment quieter.

In general the electric powered machines are highly environmentally friendly option. And in case you home is powered by solar or wind power, running your machine can even be 100% environmentally friendly.


Are you interested in the electric or combi firewood processors? 

All Hakki Pilke firewood processors are available as electric or combi models. Combi model offers the both power sources with the same compact overall dimensions!  The Hakki Pilke combi models have PTO with 3 phase electric. Request a quote and recommendations for the most suitable machine for your needs! 


We would like to thank all our customers and partners for the past year. Hakki Pilke team would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

Due to the Christmas holidays our factory is closed from 24th of December till 1st of January. Our customer service is open normally on 27th and from 30th to 31st of December.


December's Hakki Pilke User of the Month is New Forest Firewood from England.

New Forest Firewood is a family run business based in the heart of the New Forest Hampshire. “We are a small family run business and supply firewood to the New Forest and the surrounding areas. We are supplier of seasoned and kiln dried hardwood logs which are sourced locally from FSC - Forest Security Council certified woods,” says David Stride.

New Forest Firewood is currently running Hakki Pilke Easy 38 with HakkiFeed 422 log rack. According to David their business had one of the first Hakki Pilke firewood processors in the country and they have been very pleased. “I can’t recommend the Hakki Pilke highly enough. We have had the Hakki Pilke machines for more than 25 years and we would not consider changing with the service and quality we receive. Thank you Hakki Pilke and all your operators!”

Congratulations to whole New Forest Firewood family for winning! We wish you the best of luck and success in your firewood business!

To see more cute pictures of Fred the dog and firewood processing check out their Instagram @new_forest_firewood or read more at