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August's Hakki Pilke User of the Month is Christoph Leurer from Hammelburg, Germany. He runs his own business Brennholzservice Christoph Leurer and produces about 600m³ firewood for sale annually. Christoph purchased his Easy 38 couple years ago and has been truly happy with the

June's Hakki Pilke user of the month is Simo Rousu from Finland. Simo processes about 1 000 cubics of firewood annually. He delivers the firewood in bags or with a trailer to customers mainly around Ylitornio just below the Arctic Circle. He has

April's Hakki Pilke user of the month is Stig Arne Nydahl from Norway. Stig has the 43 Pro with an optionally available large outfeed conveyor with hydraulic horizontal and vertical adjustment. He also has a sawdust blower and a 472 log table to make

March's Hakki Pilke user of the month is Jacques Bourgoin from St-Ignace de Stanbridge Quebec, Canada. He is standing beside the pile of firewood they produced in the first 5 hours that they owned the machine. Jacques and his father-in law, who`s in his 80`s,