User of the month in June

June’s Hakki Pilke user of the month is Simo Rousu from Finland. Simo processes about 1 000 cubics of firewood annually. He delivers the firewood in bags or with a trailer to customers mainly around Ylitornio just below the Arctic Circle. He has been relying on Hakki Pilke over 15 years and in addition to his modern 38 Pro he has the classic 2X firewood processor.

Simo Rousu got his first firewood processor in 2003 after hearing comments such as “Hakki Pilke 2X is the best processor in the market”. Thinking about those times now, the references were not totally out of this world, as it actually was Hakki Pilke model 2X that revolutionized firewood processing in 90s being the most sold firewood processor globally for many years. Simo’s PTO-powered 2X is still operational but he decided to look for a modern processor with today’s technology.

“I decided to purchase the Pro Series model Hakki Pilke 38 Pro firewood processor because I had been satisfied with the cooperation with the factory and great aftersales service over the years,” says Simo. Simo’s choice was also affected by the safety and performance of the machine.

Simo relies on the 8-way splitting knife to make harmonious sized class A firewood even from the biggest of logs. His processor is also equipped with oil cooler, oil heater and a sawdust blower, all useful accessories for a professional firewood business in climate with varying temperatures.

Hakki Pilke 38 Pro comes with HakkiCutTM one-button cutting control. “The joystick is easy to use even in freezing temperatures. This is a crucial feature as I’m mostly operating the processor in wintertime,” Simo says. His 38 Pro is a combi model powered by either PTO (tractor or powerpack) or electricity. He mostly uses electricity due to low operation costs and silent use.

Simo Rousu has been running a professional firewood operation for years next to a major highway close to the border between Finland and Sweden. Congratulations to Simo and good luck for the upcoming sales season!