Time to use the firewood processor – What to keep in mind?

KAs firewood sales are booming, many firewood professionals are taking processors from storage or making firewood in full swing. If you want to ensure your firewood processor’s best performance for decades to come, it is always a great idea to inspect and maintain the machine after storage or long time of processing.

When maintaining the firewood processor, it is important to prevent the possible fault in advance. A good practice is to go carefully trough the machine each time you take it from the storage and put it back into service.

We gathered a four-point checklist that will take you far and helps you make sure that your firewood processor will last the decades to come:

  1. Go through the machine in general. Check that the machine is in good condition and clean it if necessary.
  2. Grease the machine’s grease nipples if you have not greased them before storing the machine.
  3. Carefully check the condition of the chainsaw chain and chain bar or circular blade.
  4. Check the condition of the hydraulic oil and the filters. Replace them if necessary.

Cleaning the firewood processor first to make the condition check easier

The general condition of the firewood processor can be checked visually. This quickly ensures that the machine has not been damaged during storage or transport. Cleaning the machine makes it easier to check the condition. For example, the condition of the blade is a lot easier to check when it is clean. It is also more pleasant to start working with a clean machine.

It is recommended that the grease nipples of the firewood processor to be greased before the machine is stored. If you forgot to do the greasing before storing the machine, it should be done before machine is put into service again. It is also a good idea to clean the grease nipples before storing.

For Hakki Pilke firewood processors you find the grease nipples locations with pictures of them from the manual. The manual also tells the exact greasing amount for each grease nipples.

Hakki Pilke klapikoneiden nipojen sijainnit kuvineen ja tarkat rasvausmäärät löytyvät käyttöohjekirjasta.

Checking the hydraulic oils and filters

In hydraulics, the condition of the oil is a decisive factor in terms of service life and reliable operation. With clean oil and filter, hydraulic components work smoothly and the oil temperature remains at a moderate level.

The oil and filters should be checked each time the firewood processor is take out of the storage. They should also be checked whenever the machine has been without use for a longer period of time.

During the winter time you can have problems, in case there is any water in the oils. It is possible that the water freezes at the bottom of the tank. If the oils look gray, water has gotten in. In this case, the oils and the return filter must be changed.

For the Hakki Pilke firewood processors we recommend the first change of oils and return filters after one hundred hours of use or after the first season. Thereafter, the change should be made every two years or every 500 hours, whichever is reached first.

You can find the best oils, filters and blade accessories for you Hakki Pilke machine from you local dealer. You can find your closest Hakki Pilke store from here.

Hydrayliikkaöljyn ja suodattimen kunto kannattaa tarkistaa säännöllisesti.

Maintenance of a circular saw and a chainsaw

Before starting up the machine, also check the condition of the chainsaw chain and chain bar or, in the case of a circular saw blade, the condition of the pieces and that the blade is prestressed properly. If you notice that the blade is dull or has cracked rails it should be replaced with a new one.

The chainsaw chain and chain bar of the firewood processor should be maintained regularly. Read the detailed instructions for the maintenance of the chainsaw chain and chain bar in our previous article “How To: Sharpening Your Chainsaw Chain“.

See also our instructional video on sharpening the chainsaw chain.

Sähköinen teroitin on helppo ja nopea tapa teroittaa kaikki teräketjun hampaat täsmälleen samanmittaisiksi ja samaan viilauskulmaan. 

Sharpening your chain with an electric sharpener is an easy and fast way to achieve correctly sharpened chain edges. Check that the cutters are smoothly sharpened and the surface looks uniformly bright.

Tarkista laipan kuluminen ja hio ketjunohjauskiskot hiomakoneella. 

Check the bar rail for wear and grind the tops of the rails with a grinder.

The service life and functionality of the circular saw can best be affected by careful storage and use. Always check the condition of the blade carefully. If you notice cracks or broken teeth in the blade, the blade must not be used but must be replaced or repaired.

A damaged blade is always a major safety risk and should never be used. Blades should always be maintained by a specialized dealer.

When installing a new blade, you should always check that the chain bars are also straight and clean. If the bars need to be replaced, they should always be purchased as an original parts.

Always check the circular saw and the chainsaw before processing firewood

Also, always check the circular or chainsaw before you start processing. Regular maintenance of the circular saw and chainsaw saw and bar ensures that firewood is produced efficiently. At the same time, you maximize the life of your firewood processor.

Using a dull blade can cause a variety of problems: the machine heats up, the chain sprocket wears faster and the saw slows down and more time is needed to cut. Be sure to clean the blade after each use, for example with compressed air or a brush.

If you find that your machine needs new parts, contact your machine manufacturer or local dealer.

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