Firewood processor

Hakki Pilke Falcon 35

Hakki Pilke Falcon 35 firewood processor sets the new standard! In terms of its features, it is largely similar to its predecessor, the wildly popular Hakki Pilke 37 firewood processor. In its class, the machine boasts the fastest splitting on the market by far.

Thanks to the hydraulic functions (saw and conveyors), Falcon 35 firewood processor has no V-belts. The ergonomic one-hand control level makes the machine very easy and effortless to use. Safety and comfort are ensured by the active single-piece guard. An adjustable hydraulic lubrication pump guarantees a long life for the saw bar and chain. The self-filling chain lubrication pump gets its oil from a separate oil can,

which is fast to replace without making a mess. A tool box similar to that of Hakki Pilke Hawk 25 has now been included in the new Hakki Pilke Falcon. The processor’s open lower structure enables easy cleaning underneath. Thanks to our wide range of accessories, customers can easily customise the Falcon 35 to their liking. The machine is available as electric or combi model with 7,5 kW electric motor.

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Technical specs
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Technical specifications

Max log diameter 350 mm
Max wood length 500 mm
Max splitting force 8 t
Saw chain .325 1,5 mm 67
Blade length 16"
Power source PTO, electric motor, combi
Electric motor 7,5 kW
Splitting blade 2/4-way
Out-feed conveyor lenght 4 m
In-feed conveyor lenght 2.2 m
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Standard equipment

Automatic chain oil lubrication
Outfeed conveyor speed control
Cleaning out-feed conveyor
Active cover

Optional equipment

Hydraulic infeed roller
Infeed guide plate
Out-feed conveyor extension
Blower saw-dust removal

Hydraulic height adjustment of the splitting blade

Oil cooler
Heater for oil
Splitting blades 6-way

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