Hakki Pilke 55 Pro premiere at FinnMETKO

Hakki Pilke premiered the revolutionary 55 Pro firewood processor in the FinnMETKO -exhibition Jämsä, Finland on september 1-3, 2022. Hakki Pilke 55 Pro is a semi-automatic firewood factory with innovative features, intended for industrial-scale production and professional use. Hakki Pilke 55 Pro has been designed in close cooperation with professionals around the globe to ensure the most efficient production of firewood. The innovative features of 55 Pro guarantee superior performance in all conditions and situations. With its 40-ton splitting power and powerful hydraulic functions, the machine turns up to 55 cm (21,5″) diameter hardwood in to high quality firewood effortlessly. 

Hakki PIlke 55 Pro brings firewood production into the modern era with its innovative and automated features. With the new HakkiMultiBlade™-blade you can split logs up to 24 parts and then switch to a 8-way blade in just a few seconds. The automatic hydraulic height adjustment of the splitting blade ensures production of uniform quality firewood even when the diameter of the logs vary. The system features an innovative sensor that measures the diameter of the logs and adjusts the splitting blade for achieving optimal results. “The innovative HakkiMultiBlade™ is an idea that is based on customer needs: changing the splitting blade in a large-scale firewood processor is hard an time consuming. We wanted to make it easier for our customers. The HakkiMultiBlade™ and automatic blade height adjustment system come as standard in every 55 Pro firewood processor”, tells Hakki Pilke development manager Timo Jussila.

The 55 Pro features a modern data tracking system, that is controlled from an easy-to-use screen interface. The monitoring system collects important data of the productivity and processes of the machine. The user gets real-time information on production, operating hours, splitting methods and the safety guards of the machine. “Our customers have been hoping to get information about the level of production and how much firewood is produced. Many functions of the machine, such as the impacts of the splitting cylinder or the log measuring device, can also be controlled using the screen interface”, says export manager Jari Niskakoski. 55 Pro also comes as standard with a full remote diagnostics system which can be used to monitor the status and processes of the machine remotely if necessary.

Hakki Pilke 55 Pro is designed for true professionals, who want to achieve high productivity and need uninterrupted flow of material and high-quality end product. Together with the HakkiFeed 472 log table and XL outfeed conveyor firewood professionals can build a market-leading firewood factory.

More information of the machine can be found at Hakki Pilke 55 Pro – Hakki Pilke (seravo.com)